We Offer Solution Based Management Services For All of Your Digital Needs.

Keystone’s 360 Service is specifically designed to provide companies the complete 360 degree range of services needed to acquire, deploy, operate and maintain video communications technology.  Our objective is to help you achieve your business goals by deploying and supporting the video communications technology that fits your business need. 


We support all forms of audio/video and satellite technology, including digital signage solutions that allow you to stay focused on your business.  Our 360 degrees of service include managed on-site services, project management, customer service help desk, technical support help desk, content creation and management,  and equipment procurement and configuration services. 


Let us take on the challenge of deploying and maintaining your business critical communications or digital signage networks any where worldwide.

What Does Keystone Provide?

  • Managed On-Site Services

  • Help Desk Services

  • Logistics Services

  • Nation Wide Coverage

  • Qualified Technicians

  • In-house Dispatch

  • In-house Technical Support Help Desk

  • Options for in-house assembly and kitting

What Services Do We Offer?

  • On-Site Installation

  • Content Creation and Management

  • Procurement

  • Logistics

  • Maintenance

  • Help Desk Services

  • Project Management




Keystone is here to provide all your maintenance needs


With many suppliers, once the equipment is delivered, there is little or no continuing support.  It is left to you to track warranties, manage repairs, and coordinate equipment turnover


Using Keystone logistics, we provide:

  • Warranty Tracking

  • Repair Depot

  • RMA Equipment Handling

  • Service Spare Pool Management

  • On-site Equipment Tracking

  • Service History Tracking

When associated with our help desk and

on-site services, you have 360 degree coverage to assure a positive customer experience.


We have the solutions you need to keep your business running smoothly.


White Glove Service

See The Keystone Difference:


Do you have a special service need? Are you looking to go beyond the standard installation and maintenance service with an exceptional service that will leave a lasting impression with your client?


Are you looking for an innovative, experienced company that can provide you with a premium installation and maintenance service? Keystone has over 35 years of experience in providing customized  services specific to our individual client’s needs.


Our White Glove service is designed to go above and beyond to ensure your client and end users are not just happy but ecstatic about the services they received from Keystone’s white glove service.

  • We customize our White Glove Service to each client

  • All services are provided by trained professionals with decades of service

  • We work with the end users to ensure 100% satisfaction

  • We can provide on-site training and hands-on help

  • All products and network platforms are tested before, during and after the installation

  • We make sure your product will work with the end users

  • We provide customized maintenance programs

  • We take the time to do the small things while on site, and ensure a positive and lasting impression with the site.

Ready to see the advantages of Keystone’s Managed Services? Whether you have 5 screens in one office or 5,000 screens nationwide,


Keystone can manage, procure, install, maintain and provide you with all the help and training you need to make sure your project is a success. Our White Glove Service, ensures you get the very best of what we have to offer. We will go above and beyond for you. Contact Keystone today to find out what we can do for you!



Lost in Creation?


Need Content but don’t know how to do it? Does your existing content need a facelift? We’re Here to Help! Our team of experienced designers will help you create the content that will make your company stand out in the crowd! Whether your looking for digital signage templates, or the content to fill them in, our team has the solutions your looking for!

What do you get with your digital signage bundles?

  • One-on-One Content Consultations

  • We work with you on the revisions of your content – let’s get it right!

  • We can create 30-40 second customized digital video for your sign – let’s grab some attention!

  • Use of your content assets – Don’t have any? We’ll work with you!

  • Help with loading and displaying your new content

  • Need Updates? Whether it’s weekly, monthly, or even yearly – whatever you need, we have packages that include updates as your need

  • Our design team has been trained specifically in digital signage content design, they will know how to get your project done, and get it done right!


Your ‘One-Stop-Shop’ For Technology

As an value-added reseller for leading manufacturers in satellite, digital signage, background audio and the enterprise video industry, Keystone provides:


  • A ‘One-stop-shop’ for your equipment needs

  • Distribution and Logistics – we manage the logistics to get your gear where it needs to go, be it hundreds, or thousands of sites.

  • Integration, On-site Installation and Support

Equipment Types

  • Digital Signage Screens and Monitors

  • Digital Signage Players

  • Head End, Studio or Transmission Equipment

  • Modulators

  • Encoders

  • High Power Amplifiers/SSPAs

  • iDirect 2-Way VSAT and hub equipment

  • Remote Office Receive Equipment

  • DVB Common Interface Receivers

  • DVB Embedded Conditional Access Receivers

  • Encryption Components and Systems

  • IP Encryption Systems

  • DVB IP Satellite Media Gateways

  • DVB IP Network Routers

  • Satellite Antennas and Mounts

  • C & Ku Band LNB’s

  • RF Equipment for CATV

  • Splitters, Combiners, Switches and IFL Components

  • Cable and Connectors

  • Video Display Equipment

  • Audio Equipment


Purchase, Lease, Warranty, and Support Packages Give You Flexibility to Maximize Your Return on Investment.


Our Manufacturers: We use our buying power and long-term relations with our technology partners to assure the best pricing available for your network. 

logisticsand procurement

We Are Here to Help You With Logistics

We can take care of it for you. We offer logistics services to support roll-outs, upgrades, and ongoing maintenance of  communications networks.

Logistics services, include:

  • Equipment tracking and distribution

  • Spares pool logistics

  • Warehousing

  • Ongoing warranty, repair, and maintenance

Take advantage of our know-how gained from years of experience helping customers succeed.  Online support is provided by our in-house management software system. We provide the solutions for all your complicated logistical problems.  Leave the logistics to us, and focus on your business.

Keystone resells a broad range of  satellite and audio visual systems used for corporate communications, digital signage, and special events. 

We have direct relationships with many leading manufacturers allowing us unique pricing and product customization capabilities.

Call to discuss your specific needs.







With us, you know you are getting a solution backed by technical know-how and experience. Our highly trained team is ready to deliver custom solutions to you.

We provide a transparent technical Help desk. You can follow along every step of the way. We track your calls and generate reports so that you know exactly what is going on with your business. We dispatch highly trained technicians that have decades of experience to ensure your job is done right the first time.

Our white label service is customized to fit your needs. We provide emergency dispatch, field service support, event support, ongoing customer service support, and everything you need to keep your business running smoothly.

What does having a help desk services mean to you?

At Keystone, it means having a talented and experienced person to call that can help you with your specific problem.  It means knowing that you have an expert you can rely on that knows your business and can help when you don’t know where else to turn. It means that you have over 35 years of experience on-call, ready to make your problems disappear. It means you have a solution, when and where you need it.

From one-time or occasional event support, to ongoing customer service and technical dispatch and beyond, Keystone’s help desk solutions provide the answer to all of your support needs.  We support digital signage networks, internal corporate communications networks and satellite broadcast networks.

What do you get?

  • Specialized Technical Customer Service

  • Emergency Dispatch

  • Field Service Support

  • Application Support

  • Event Support



More than calling someone

in the yellow pages

DEPLOYMENT: We order, manage, track, deploy and set up your project.

MAINTENANCE: We maintain your project, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and works for you.

REAL TIME REPORTING: We report to you in real time – allowing you to know when there is a problem immediately.

Many companies describe their abilities by the thousands of technicians in a database. 

So do the yellow pages.  It is not just about the numbers of techs but how they are managed.  Keystone has a large number of technicians… but we take it much further. We manage the on-site service whether for planned equipment roll outs or assuring service level commitments.

We have been doing installation services for more than 35 years.

We have developed business relationships and dispatch processes that are proven to work.  We operate a system that enables us to be able to provide consistency of service throughout our installer organization.

Have you experienced inconsistency in arrival times, missed completion dates, or do you have a general lack of information about the status of work being performed?

At Keystone, we have solutions for these issues.  We provide

scale-able consistent on-site services.  We provide real-time feedback of work progress.  Our solutions allow for complete transparency.  If there is a problem, you know when we know, and you know that we are on top of fixing it.

We deploy and maintain a wide range of audio-visual technologies, digital signage players, satellite broadcast equipment, CATV video distribution, and other related solutions.

Whether for corporate communications, digital signage, or conference room technology, or interactive technology for education, Keystone’s installation services have you covered.


Keystone Managed Services

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